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talking sweet and looking fine

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Jun. 8th, 2008 | 01:17 am
music: born ruffians

lately, i've been brainstorming on ways i can improve my life. ways i can improve my general well-being and self-satisfaction. so far what i've come up with is as follows:

whistle more. walk around with a cane. twist on lamp poles. randomly shuffle-hop as i'm walking from A to B. if it worked for fred and ginger, why not for me?

take a (foreign) lover. indulge in WEEKS of scandalous foreplay. this kills two birds with one stone. an (almost) sex life, and, completely unnecessary power tripping.

start signing my name "stephanie ellis, bsc." i intended to start doing this a long time ago. i don't know what happened. evidently, i let my modesty get the best of me. horror.

floss more.

consider veganism (to feel like a have an almost religious mantra to be self-righteous about, but then wear fur coats and alligator skin) / smoke more cigarettes (to increase my intellectual sophisticate aura) /stop going to the gym (i hate the gym)

so far that's all i can come up with. since LEAVE THE COUNTRY FOREVER ON AN AIMLESS WHIM isn't realistically in the picture any more. but that may change.

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