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you don't have to be so easy.

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Aug. 12th, 2008 | 12:06 am

He said to me that He is an advocate for taking the path of least resistance. Maybe He says that because that's what science does. He says sitting back and thinking and stopping to think is worse than passive action. I guess like a river. You can't stop nature so maybe it's not life if you stop and try to make a plan or wait for an epiphany. Then He showed me silly indie kid cartoon videos and then He told me that a city isn't always going to be better just because it's different. Then He told me Toronto was better than Montreal and he had no words just scowls for London. Then He brought up Project Runway and how He's a superfan. The whole time He talks to me I feel like I'm about to throw up. Second most, after throwing up, I feel like I'm about to blurt out the most colossally stupid thing possible at any given moment on any given subject. I'm so afraid He's going to pass judgement on me and send me to the hell where inauthentic people go. He asks me personal questions and I just want to lie to make the answers more interesting but I can't. He sucks the dullest truth out of my soul. And. I can't even ask personal questions back. He kind of hypnotizes me. I like everything He likes. I'll do anything He tells me. I'm a bit terrified of this arrangement. I am a slave. It might be a little bit sexual. I'm so terrified of Him. But I revere Him and I just want Him to accept me into His kingdom of a little bit science and a lot being BFF with all our favourite bands.

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