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dragging a dead deer up a hill.

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Dec. 24th, 2008 | 02:22 am
music: school of seven bells

xmas again, huh?
i didn't ask anyone what they wanted this year; i just shopped tonight and it was pretty great. mostly impulse buys and a lot of things that i just kind of want for myself. this year we have an ugly fake tree and for an interesting breach from tradition, we're not having turkey.

whatever, hands down the best part it that i get three days off. in a ROW. fancy dress!!

my days lately have mostly been filled by the following routine:

a. sleep in until the time you told everyone at work you would arrive even though you know it takes 1.5 hours to get there. but the snow makes every body sleepier and lazier and normal time becomes irrelevant and it's all about what is comfortable and easy and what the BUSES will allow. no more fate just buses. i love the snow. i think i was meant to be a creature of the arctic.

b. drink about 6 cups of coffee in the first three hours of science. wander around the building looking for friends. listen to cbc talk radio reruns while pushing around flies with a paintbrush and pretending you can recognize genetic differences. you really want to listen to the 5 G of music you downloaded last night but last time you got too into it and didn't hear alarams going off and you got in trouble for almost ruining a lot of other people's experiments.

c. get hungry and go trolling for snacks. wander around the building looking for friends, strategically averting eyes away from individuals you accidentally can't remember if you made out with or not at the christmas party, or other individuals who are old and married and in positions of authority and also you found pot in their house.

d. stare at some mouldy, bacteria infested worms on your desk, remember how resilient they are, and convince yourself another day without saving them won't be too bad. go play with the really expensive microscope and try to avoid accidentally taking naps because you put on the sleepiest music and the machine whirs and it's warm and dark and leisurely in there.

e. all of a sudden 5 more hours have happened. all your friends are gone. you realize you really should go home and then your professor corners you and forces you to have dinner with him. again. his treat. again. every time we have the same conversation about being successful in science. sometimes we talk about the inevitability of having relationships with your coworkers. then we talk about his pregnant wife.

f. now you really wanna go home, but you just got free dinner, so you get guilted into doing a few more hours of work. it ends up being fun because its all pseudo-science-very-subjective-madeup-pretend-serious-core analysis on photoshop and that's what i like because it feels like art school. on his way out, your professor reminds you that you're more than welcome to stay in his guest room if i'm worried about making it home in this weather. you decline. forcefully.

g. you eventually go home and it takes a long time but you're relieved you made the last bus. once home, even though its past normal person bed time, you spend 2-3 hours downloading music and reading a lot of garance dore and quizzing yourself on the french. you try to look up papers for science but mostly you just end up reading blogs or the biographies of the scientists whose paper you should be reading. you try to fall asleep while doing this so you don't have to think about your real problems because then you can't sleep because the narcissism takes over and you convince yourself you're going to be alone and dissatisfied in 10 years.

rinse repeat.
clearly, these next three days are going to feature huge withdrawal from such structured routine. i love grad school immensely.

n e way, happy xmas, yall. <3 u / miss u

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Dec. 25th, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)

you crack me up. i love your routine. also because i know it so well.. if this had been written a few weeks ago it would include- b1) perve on my sex kitten friend through the window of science, wonder why her focus is darting around like a sparrow and why her chest is so blotchy.. but then realize that shes rocking out to girlicious and trying to avoid the creepy fireman with the weird b:p ratio.

when you really need to get forceful is when your prof motorboats your huge rack. just fyi that is inapproriate and isnt part of science duties. no matter what he says.

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Jan. 6th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)

Ok WHOSE HOUSE did you find pot in?

Also I cannot BELIEVE you are having these experiences now that I am no longer there to witness/share them with you. It KILLS me.


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