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dress real sharp. cut up a rug.

Jun. 3rd, 2008 | 03:20 pm

i'm going on adventures soon!

i'll be reunited with my london lovey-ness, and i get roma roma roma, AND roskilde.

everything is splendid. i'm so looking forward to being lost and poor and mostly surrounded by drunken wanderers again.
it's not as good as stephanie's year off, 2.0, which is now going to be devoted mostly to science-y things, but it will give me some much needed spirit to tackle those science-y things with. but - god forbid - should there be a need for stephanie's year off 3.0, oh the places you will go will not even begin to cover the kind of things that could happen. and i will definitely need some spirit.

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pieces of me (in the style of ashlee simpson). congratulations on the marriage.

May. 22nd, 2008 | 12:28 am
music: islands

i've gone from having nothing to write about it, to having SO many things to write about that i just couldn't bring myself to write at all. i'm coming around to it, though. for the first time in days, coherent sentences are coming out faster than vomit-due-to-middle-life-anxieties-about-purpose-and-that-demon-MEDIOCRITY!!

anyhow, two points for today:

1. i spent probably a little bit too much time today looking at naked pictures of agnyess deyn. despite the artfulness, it still reminded me of flirting with 14 year old boys in the hot tub after swim practice. the awkwardness still pains me. i think it was the pierced nipples that really brought me back.

2. also i went to a musical poking fun at hitler and his springtime, and then my very own hitler himself materializes from nothingness into the form of an email begging me pardon? coincidence? for def NOT. okay it was only two sentences BUT, the best part of this is that, no matter what, i can continue to take solace in the guarantee that there is at least one person more relationshiply-dysfunctional than me. brilliant.

(okay if this was actually in the style of ashlee simpson, it would have a nosejob and green converse and most of all, a great big voiceover that doesn't quite follow what's written. then it would end up in tears and running off the page. jude law and his mangy british style would apologize on my behalf in the comments.)

sorry i couldn't deliver. maybe next time, when i'm better connected.

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la dolce vita.

Apr. 22nd, 2008 | 11:56 pm

i don't post anymore because my life is boring and i don't have anything interesting to say.

after all the naysaying, it seems i in fact prefer to be a whirlwind stress basketcase in financial dire straits. this requires me to either be at school, or travelling, or desperately lonely, or any combination of the above.

today, i want to move to italy.

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Feb. 22nd, 2008 | 10:56 am

one fur coat.
faux no go.

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clouds in my coffee.

Feb. 7th, 2008 | 08:22 pm

i have this sinking feeling i'm not going to able to leave again but i can't say it out loud or else it might come true.
i want to say this place is the suck, but i'm not sure if i would think it was the suck so much if i wasn't nesting with doug and jane again. it smells like the unromantic kind of danger.

anyway, i'm thinking of toronto, and i'm thinking of london. i'm thinking of berlin, and i'm thinking of paris. i'm even thinking of mexico and india. i'm thinking of anywhere but here.

(and it can't be a good sign for my mental health if i'm willfully thinking about moving to toronto)

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she was a girl she was in love.

Jan. 13th, 2008 | 01:55 am

i'm bored and apathetic and its a poisonous conversation. also, i'm worried i only care about things that are completely irrelevant. for example, i think my secret dream is to succeed anna wintour. also, i think i want to write a book, but its definitely going to be schmutta fiction featuring salacious sexual conquests. its okay though, i have some killer pseudonyms up my sleeve.

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pagan poetry.

Dec. 29th, 2007 | 06:54 pm

good lord.

in europe people wear fur coats and go to art galleries. no one goes to starbucks, no one goes to costco, and no one complains when you don't wear pants for the sake of fashion. even at the beach, in europe no one looks like a fat ceo on holidays. and in europe, cigarettes are allowed at the beach. in europe, culture isn't MELE KALIKIMAKA tacky, its suave and sophisticated and scoffs at tourists who just want to take home shotglasses instead of celebrating them.

i miss fur coats and art galleries, and i even miss being scoffed at.

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i was a singer i sang on your heart

Nov. 12th, 2007 | 03:05 pm
music: frog eyes

48 hours ago i was on the hidden side of the berlin wall and now i'm in corporate monotony. it blows a bit.

i'm leaving the uk in 3 weeks.
i have a list of about 39 things i need to do in the next 20 days. i've made a rule where i'm only allowed to say YES to things that people ask of me until dec 1st. (with the one exception that i don't have to agree to sleep with anyone ugly.)

ohfaerjakldjfldkfjkajerhtawer. i don't want to go home.

it's too good here.

for starters, it doesn't rain. london fog my ass. try london sunshine all the time.

i can't explain it. i just don't want to leave.
(oh but please know i'm going to prague, amsterdam, paris, and vienna in december and thats the kind of leaving london that i can handle. its the kind of leaving that happens after that that i'm not happy with.)

i'm coming back as soon as possible.

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we met a home-wrecking carnival girl.

Nov. 1st, 2007 | 05:01 pm
music: iron + wine

10 reasons this is going to be the best november ever.

1. next week i'm going to see my husband. aka the national. i think his name is matt. we're married and he sings to me every night and i love him.

2. i'm finally going to buy my london coat. im determined not to get the black wool knee length number that everyone seems to have even though they are oh so affordable and i can get one at any market. i'm going for gem-stoned colour with a big bow. and probably like 150 quid. its going to be money well spent.

3. i'm going east german on your ass. next weekend i'm going to berlin for a 48 hour extravaganza of political history and weiner schitnzel. my plan is mostly to pretend its 1988 and i'm trapped on the wrong side of the wall but i can't seem to FIND the wall anywhere.

4. i get to plan the grand finale of my european adventure which will ultimately be a great vacation in which i spend every penny to my name before returning to the bank of doug and jane. so november's going to be a lot of hazy daydreaming about chamber music and prague fashion.

5. this is the month i'm going to start wearing leather. included in the plans are shiny leather leggings, purple patent leather ankle boots and a hard core bomber jacket circa sex pistol groupie 1977.

6. the obvious reason this will be the best november ever is that there are no exams, no papers, no swim meets, and no obligations. no funerals or memorials either.

7. my career in corporate slutty is going to come to an anticlimatic end sometime this month. that will be maximally exitement. i could never EVER spend 30 years of my life like this. how mundane and meaningless.

8. there will be no bank frauds this month AND i get paid weekly. its going to be a month of exorbitant spending and self-flatulation.

9. november is stephanie-explores-east-london month. i'm going to spend every weekend i'm here in brick lane and hoxton square. i still haven't had a pill popping night in kings cross so we may also have to rectify that. i can't go home without having made at least ONE bad drug related misdemeanor. (i'm kind of kidding)

10. even though i am quite self-satisfied here, not necessarily happy, but extremely content, every day of november that passes is one day closer until i get to be home. i pretty much want to go home and turn around and come right back here but the amount that i miss you all is getting pretty overwhelming. so november will be good because it means its reunion time soon and that lifts my spirits every day when i get out of bed at 6am to go in for another obscenely long 10 hour day of corporate monotony.

i've been so sporadic with updates lately i don't even know if you're still reading. leave me comments if you are - i miss real friends who i chose because we like the same things instead of the kind of friends you make when you live with people and you have no choice but to get along and try to make sense of each other and be together 24-7. i'm getting tired of that. it kind of reminds me of what it might be like to live with 50 garetts (as in my old bisexual roommate).

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Oct. 30th, 2007 | 11:13 am

I have white noise in my head. Mad white noise.

I hope that laderhosen and accordians and lager make it better. With a little bit of iron curtain politics thrown in.

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